Ambassadors and Advocates

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Everywoman Ambassadors

everywoman Ambassadors are senior-level role models from different sectors, disciplines, and cultures. They include women working for organisations and successful entrepreneurs.

We profile Ambassadors in videos, articles, and social media, enabling them to share their advice and experiences with thousands of women globally.

Depending on their experience, many Ambassadors are also judges at everywoman Awards and speakers, and panel members at everywoman Events.

In addition to elevating their profiles, we connect Ambassadors to an exclusive and powerful network of like-minded peers who come together at quarterly events.

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Why your organisation should have an everywomanAmbassador

Visible Role Models

Time-efficient profiling initiatives enable Ambassadors to share their knowledge and experiences with a large audience.

Videos, articles and social media features, will raise their profiles and demonstrate that women enjoy successful careers in your organisation, supporting you to you attract and retain female talent.


Motivate Future Talent

Having access to role models they can relate to, will inspire your emerging talent.

It will also encourage more women in your organisation to develop their skills and take charge of their careers on the everywomanNetwork.


Like-minded Network

everywoman Ambassadors are invited to quarterly events.

They are introduced to a network of peers from across industry who understand the challenges they face.



everywomanAdvocates are C-suite or executive board members (men or women) from our corporate partner organisations who are driving industry-wide gender diversity initiatives.

everywoman provides time-efficient profiling initiatives that position Advocates and their organisations as gender diversity champions.

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Of all the different teams I've worked in, the most productive, the most powerful and the most enjoyable have been those teams that are diverse.

everywomanAdvocate Kari Daniels, CEO, Tesco Ireland

Why your organisation should have an everywomanAdvocate

Showcase your organisation as an employer of choice

Many women make career decisions based on a company’s commitment to gender equality.

everywoman provides a far-reaching, credible and respected platform and we have been a leader in the gender diversity arena for over 18 years, working with government and leading corporations

Our time-efficient profile-raising activity will demonstrate that gender equality is led from the top in your organisation.


Develop high-performing female talent

Endorsement by senior management will encourage more women to develop their skills and take charge of their careers on the everywomanNetwork.


A powerful, like-minded network from across sector

Your everywomanAdvocate will be part of a powerful network of peers that’s driving the step-change required to:

  • Close the gender pay gap.

  • Develop female talent at all levels in all sectors to create strong pipelines.

  • Shine the spotlight on more female role models so they inspire those coming up behind them.


It seems perfectly natural to me that as an employer, I should try to help both men and women to progress their careers to the fullest extent possible. When the time comes for my daughter and son to go to work I would like to think that any success they enjoy is down to their work ethic, ambition and ability rather than gender or any other characteristic.

everywomanAdvocate, Paul Lynam, CEO, Secure Trust Bank